6PAK Nutrition Protein Wafer


‎A wafer that is not a source of “empty calories”! Each serving is characterized by a huge concentration of protein derived only from wholesome sources such as casein and whey protein concentrate (WPC) or whey protein isolate (WPI)*. ‎

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‎6PAK Nutrition Protein Wafer –‎‎ many physically active people, athletes at various levels of advancement – often suffer from an overwhelming desire to reach for their favorite wafer or candy bar. It is with them in mind that this product was created, the taste of which is at a very high level, as well as the concentration of proteins. If you have similar dilemmas – this is an ideal proposition for you. Of course, it should be included in the daily diet balance, but it will not cause you a problem.‎


‎6PAK Nutrition Protein Wafer‎‎ – apart from the sensational taste (it is ultimately a wafer with cream, which has been additionally doused with a delicious chocolate topping sweetened with maltitol) offers only wholesome proteins derived from animal sources, namely casein and whey protein concentrate or isolate (WPC or WPI)*. This combination allowed to achieve an amino acid profile very close to the standard aminogram of human protein. Paradoxically, such an inconspicuous candy bar is able to provide excellent building material to your muscles. It should be emphasized here that the adequate supply of protein in the daily menu determines the rapid regeneration, development and preservation of muscle mass. It will work as an addition to the daily diet (its diversification) and to some extent can act as an emergency meal.‎



‎1-3 wafers per day.‎

‎Helping:‎ 40 g
‎Number of servings in the package:‎ 1
‎Packaging:‎ 40 g
‎Net weight:‎ 40 g
‎Nutritional value‎ 100 g 40 g %RWS*
‎Energy value‎ 2199 kJ / 524 kcal 880 kJ / 210 kcal 10%
‎Fat‎ 36 g 14 g 21%
‎– including saturated fatty acids‎ 17 g 6.8 g 34%
‎– including monounsaturated fatty acids‎ 14 g 5.6 g
‎– including polyunsaturated fatty acids‎ 4.8 g 1.9 g
‎Carbohydrates‎ 25 g 10 g 4%
‎– including sugars‎ 2.7 g 1.1 g 1%
‎– including polyols‎ 11 g 4.4 g
‎– including starch‎ 11 g 4.4 g
‎Fiber‎ 0.9 g 0.36 g
‎Protein‎ 30 g 12 g 24%
‎Salt‎ 0.16 g 0.06 g 1%
Weight 0.040 kg


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