Improves Fat Metabolism!
 Effective Slimming And Fat Tissue Reduction! 
 Speeds Up Metabolism!
Increases Production Of Energy!

✔ Strong Thermogenic Fatburner!

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Want to get rid of excess fat deposits in your body in the most healthy and economical way possible?  Biotech Super Fat Burner is the answer you’ve been looking for.

With a great price, Super Fat Burner was designed with one goal- say goodbye to fat. Biotech Super Fat Burner increases body temperature (thermogenesis) which increases fatty acid metabolism.  The body eliminates accumulated excess fat and increases the production of energy. Due to its powerful formula, fat is broken down and fatty acids are sent directly to the cell’s mitochondria.  Once there, the fatty acids are oxidized, providing energy for the entire organism. Super Fat Burner also regulates insulin to control blood sugar levels and decrease the appetite. Super Fat Burner together with a healthy, balanced diet, and physical exercise provides a perfect trio for fat loss.  Without a doubt, it’s the supplement that will get rid of unwanted fat!

DIRECTIONS: On rest days take 2 tablets both in the morning and in the evening, 30 minutes before you meal. On training days take 2 tablets in the morning and before workout.

WARNINGS:  Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not take during pregnancy and in children or for prolonged periods without consulting a doctor.


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