• No added sugar or palm oil
  • Delicious and crunchy cookies with big pieces of chocolate!
  • Sweetened with maltitol – the best sugar substitute!
  • Highest quality ingredients, without unnecessary additives, chemicals or preservatives
  • A perfect mid-day snack

FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE CHOCOLATE CHIP are delicious crunchy cookies from the Delicious range – without added sugar or palm oil! They are extremely crisp and delicate, and the wonderful flavour is due to the huge – really huge – pieces of chocolate! Thanks to real, delicious chocolate ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies taste simply delicious!

ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE CHOCOLATE CHIP is the ideal snack for everyone who wants best-quality products without unnecessary fillers and and at the same time wants to eliminate a significant amount of carbohydrates from their diet. The cookies contain carefully selected ingredients, are rich in protein and fibre, thus making you feel full, aiding digestion and facilitating weight loss.

FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies are an ideal meal replacement (or addition) and are very easy to store. This simple, quick snack is also ideal between classes, as an energy booster at school or as a mini cheat meal – after or before workout. 🙂 ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE are available in four fantastic flavours and the only side effect they cause is a slight headache. Why? Because you don’t know which flavour to choose! 🙂 When to have FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE CHOCOLATE CHIP? WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT!

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