6PAK Zero Syrup 500ml


‎It is a tasty and aromatic product with an ideal consistency, which will go well with various desserts and snacks and will be their tasty variety.‎

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‎Are you in the ‎‎process of losing weight‎‎ and strictly guarding your diet? Do you follow your assumptions every day, which results in a constant ‎‎desire to reach for “something sweet”?‎‎ Our syrup comes to the rescue! It is devoid of sugar and fat, and owes its sweetness and excellent taste to sucralose (it is a sweetener that will not adversely affect your figure).‎‎ If you are looking for a syrup whose use will not adversely affect the ‎‎calorific value of your dishes‎‎ – you have just found it!‎ ‎The syrup will work as ‎‎an addition to pancakes, porridge, desserts, pancakes‎‎ and many other dishes. The only thing that limits you is your imagination and culinary skills. The calorie-free nature of the proposed product means that it can be successfully used by ‎‎people who are slimming‎‎ or limiting the calorie content of their dishes.‎

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Chocolate-almond, Chocolate-cookie, Peach, Vanilla


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