FA Xtreme Napalm Pre Cont. 224g Pear Kiwi


  • – Increases energy level
    – Supports concentration
    – Improves nutrient and oxygen transport
    – Improves buffering properties
    – Limits the accumulation of lactic acid
    – Removes free radicals from working muscles
    -Provides proper hydration
    -No added sugar
    -Two products with different composition: with and without carbohydrates
    – A powerful training stimulator
Xtreme Napalm® is an advanced product that strongly stimulates the body. It has been prepared for effective preparation for intensive, hard and endurance training. Xtreme Napalm® starts working a few minutes after consuming the first portion, gives a feeling of strong stimulation of tissues throughout the body. Arginine and beta alanine contained in Xtreme NO-Volumizing Complex support the release of nitric oxide (NO) from epithelial tissue, which in turn improves the transport of nutrients and oxygen through the blood vessels of working muscles and gives a feeling of constant pumping throughout the training session.
In addition, Xtreme NO-Volumizing Complex together with Xtreme Power & Focus Complex provide muscle buffering capacity and reduce lactic acid accumulation. Xtreme Napalm® will allow you to long intense workouts without feeling tired and muscle pain. The active ingredients included in the Xtreme Power & Focus Complex increase concentration and add energy, which is of great importance for hard-training people both at the gym, on the field or court. Xtreme Power & Focus Complex allows you to stay focused and concentrate so you can cross your own physiological barriers, allow you to squeeze more, do more reps and train longer than ever before.
Each serving of Xtreme Napalm® provides the body with optimal amounts of the strongest antioxidants that reduce free radicals, and Electrolite & Delivery Complex is responsible for proper hydration of the body during intense training. This means that thanks to Xtreme Napalm® the body is properly hydrated and can withstand more for a longer period of time.
Xtreme Napalm® Pre-Contest does not contain carbohydrates and can be consumed by all people with a limited need for carbohydrates in the diet. Xtreme Napalm® Pre-Contest is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass in between training periods.


Dissolve 2.24 g of powder (~ 1/2 scoops) in 100-150 ml of water. Consume 3 servings of the product daily.


Container: 224g
Serving Size: 2.24 g (1/2 scoops)
Servings per Container: 100
Form: powder

Weight 0.400 kg


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